My Price Prediction for ICX by the end of the year

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icx price prediction 2018
Using these data, Coinarbitragebot predicted ICON may reach a price range of $2 -$3 before 2021 ending. The predicted value was $2.9 as the maximum price and $1.9 as the minimum. But for the long-term, they expect the price to reach $3.1 and $2.1 as the maximum and minimum price, respectively. Not stopping there, they proclaimed ICON as a good investment with facts recorded from their forecast.

History of the ICON Coin

However, if efforts to tackle its scalability problems are successful, these issues could become a thing of the past. Launched in September 2017, Cardano is a project with the lofty goal of creating the most practical cryptocurrency ever made. Developers claim it will “allow complex programmable transfers of value in a secure and scalable fashion,” but at the time of writing the platform is still in the early stages of development. A top 10 coin by market cap and commonly known as “the silver to bitcoin’s gold,” Litecoin was created in 2011 and designed to offer faster and cheaper transactions than bitcoin. Nano is far from the only cryptocurrency aiming to offer fast and affordable payments. There are plenty of other projects that could have a bearing on the price of NANO, so you’ll need to keep an eye on them to see how they stack up against Nano. Trade with USD on tradeallcrypto.US, the American dollar onramp of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. Non-US residents can read our review of tradeallcrypto’s main exchange here. Low- or no-fee transfers will increasingly become the norm as new coins are launched, and existing coins are upgraded to tackle scaling problems.

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  • But note, these forecasts are not investment advice, sometimes it’s just people’s opinions and thoughts.
  • Trade with USD on tradeallcrypto.US, the American dollar onramp of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Like other cryptocurrencies, ICON faces stiff competition from other cryptocurrencies.

8 Best Virtual Mailboxes & Business Addresses Reviewed Looking for the best virtual mailbox, PO box or business address? Here are the top 4 with the best service at the lowest prices. Newton doesn’t charge any trading fees or commissions on ICON, so you just pay a spread of around 0.2% – 0.7%. Storing ICON is easy as long as you have the right crypto wallet to protect it and keep it secure. There are dozens of different wallets out there, each with their own set of features, many of which cost $100 or more to buy.


A keen cryptocurrency enthusiast, he is very supportive of new media projects, pioneer ideas and the Bitcoin community. He possesses strong technical, analytical skills and is well known for his financial market’s informative analysis. Other than crypto, Nikhil Loves to watch his favorite football team and keep up to date with the latest Formula 1 racing. Cryptocurrencies like DigiByte have gradually pervaded the mainstream consciousness and gained traction.
ICON’s blockchain is more like the Plasma or Ontology blockchain in that its purpose is to act as an intermediary between other blockchains and networks. This interconnectability makes the ICON project worth keeping an eye on over the next decade. ICON is, just like all other cryptocurrencies, a risky investment. It does have higher probability of going up than down because of the good use case, well-designed tokenomics, active community and a solid team behind it. We are advocates of moderately risky investing – invest most of your crypto portfolio in BTC (50%); 35% in a basket of big cap coins and the rest in small projects with huge upside. ICX, as the rest of the market, is tied at the hip of bitcoin’s price action. If bitcoin embarks on another bull run, ICX can hope for one as well. Bitcoin usually has a cool-off phase after its mega bull runs and that is when the altcoins take over and have a field day with the bulls, often doubling or tripling their price within days.

This will be followed by looking at some of the top ICX price predictions for the shorter term and some for the longer term . According to most ICON predictions, the ICX price will increase in the future, making it a good long-term investment. ICON 2.0 opens the possibility for a faster ICX appreciation. However, always remember that cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets. You can swap more than 370 cryptocurrencies on our platform without registration or KYC procedures. The crypto market is highly volatile, making it complicated to predict the behavior of a specific digital coin five years from now. However, experts with Cryptopolitan think the average ICX price in 2027 will be $6.985, possibly reaching a maximum of $7.028. After reviewing the history of ICON, we will discuss the projections for the ICX cryptocurrency.

Phillip, you are an idiot whom clearly knows nothing about trading crypto. You state $0.27 is realistic price for ICX in 2019, and that the price remaining flat is likely? You realize ICON has various corporate partnerships including universities, banks, insurance, hospitals and even Government ties? There’s also two small companies Samsung and LINE involved with ICON.

Icon Price Prediction 2020, 2025

From then the coin started declining like all the other altcoins traded over the world. From then the ICX coin is traced between the price band of $2 USD to $5 USD after. ICON Live Price – Get the latest news, historical data, trend chart and more about Bitcoin from Tokeneo. View the total and circulating supply of ICON, including details on how the supplies are calculated. The only way Newton will make money your trades is through a narrow spread that’s charged on each trade. Newton’s spreads are very competitive with other exchanges, and you can see its live spread on ICON on its Fees page. Newton is a particularly good choice for buying and selling ICON because it verifies accounts instantly, supports more than 75 crypto assets, and has zero trading fees . If you’re serious about crypto investing and want to work with a reputable, reliable exchange, I highly recommend Newton. ICON works with several significant blockchain “partners” that use its network, primarily in the areas of finance, government, and healthcare. ICON’s blockchain network facilitates the connection and interaction of various other blockchain software programs through the ICON network.

View the latest Defiance Quantum ETF QTUM stock Defiance Quantum ETF QTUM predictions by visitors. Since the explosion of the blockchain over the last couple of years, a huge number of blockchain platforms and networks have been created . No doubt, there are many advantages to competition between different networks. But it also presents a significant barrier to blockchain’s adoption. Learn what exactly ICON is setting out to do for the blockchain community, and why many people think this project is so special. Communities are connected to the ICON Network through a decentralized exchange. Elements of the crypto sector played a pivotal role in South Korea’s election debate, with both candidates releasing campaign-related non-fungible tokens to attract voters. South Korea’s new President, Yoon Suk-yeol , amously minted his signature on the ICON blockchain last year in December. His election as the President seems to have single-handedly influenced the ICX price increase.

So until the price rests below EMA-200, it will assure ICON’s bearish movement. All you need to do now is select how much ICX you’d like to stake and press the complete button. Once you’ve completed these steps your ICX coins will be staked. The co-founder of Polygon explained why MATIC is the only staking token for all chains, and gas fees will be collected in Ethereum by default. While gas fees are not being collected in MATIC, Nailwal assured the tradeallcryptomunity that value gain is imminent. However, his long-term projections indicate that Icon price might go up to $100.

Some of the concerns that critics have about ICON is related to the centralization of this cryptocurrency project. The team behind ICON has been working on creating the necessary AI-based solutions, which may have some biases towards certain outcomes. Although Cardano is now the 13th largest cryptocurrency in the market, it has been experiencing some issues during the last few years. There was no working product that would allow the digital asset to keep growing and expanding. However, there have been some efforts in the last few months from the Cardano Foundation, IOHK and Charles Hoskinson to improve this situation. tradeallcrypto is one of the exchanges with the largest liquidity for altcoins. It allows investors to trade a large number of coins without having to be worried about their liquidity, which is generally one of the highest in the market.

ETH, though already the #2 Cryptocurrency by market cap, should build momentum in the next few months as well. ICOs should pick up again once countries finalize regulations regarding their raising of funds. This will allow the “brand name” to pick up where it left off, leading the next wave of the ICO craze (likely “regulated” ICO craze). This new wave of ICOs will lead ETH higher, but not like the returns likely to be produced by GO or ICX . ICX will likely gain major momentum with the Koreans beginning trading again and the Golden Holidays having concluded in the East. Read more about no coiner here. When it is awakened, a $1 billion market cap could be well in reach . GO seems to have the best technology with a live mainnet and the lowest market cap by far having completed their ICO in the middle of the bear market. With one of the strongest teams on paper and a market cap that is 12x smaller than ICX and 1200x smaller than ETH, they’re well poised for returns that would make the ‘moon’ seem close . Nevertheless, ETH remains relevant as more and more ICOs continue to use their blockchain and raise funds in Ethereum. This is the predominant factor driving the ETH boom of late 2017, early 2018.

Does ICX coin have a future?

ICON price forecast

Meanwhile, Changelly has an ICX price prediction that says it will be worth an average of $3.11 in 2022, $4.77 in 2023 and $6.56 a year from then. The Icon price prediction for 2025 is $9.67, and the site has an Icon price prediction for 2030 of $53.16.